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    5 star review  Zahir was a fabulous driving instructor, who helped me both gain confidence and improve accuracy in my general driving. He also taught me how to execute different manoeuvres with ease. I could not recommend him enough!

    thumb Prue T

    5 star review  Passed on my first test all thanks to Zahir, who is a great instructor and clearly communicates. I felt prepared for my test and able to comfortably drive on the road. Highly recommend.

    thumb Maddie Kirkwood

    5 star review  Zahir is an excellent instructor, he made me feel calm and was very knowledgeable. I had already been driving for a few years and there was still plenty of information I needed to know before taking my driving test. I passed first time with nearly a perfect record and I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without my lessons with Zahir. I highly recommend you take your lessons with him!

    thumb Elliott Smith

    5 star review  Fantastic experience with Za! Very friendly and calm and helped me achieve my driving goals with ease. To top it off I passed my driving test on my first attempt! Thank you Za!

    thumb sarah simmons

    5 star review  From the very minute I met Zahir I felt instantly safe and comfortable. Before Zahir I had three different instructors that I never stuck with because I just didn’t believe I could do it, learn how to drive a car and do it confidently and safely, at the age of 30 I thought I was too old. This morning I passed my practical driving test first go! He is patient, knowledgeable and compassionate. He communicates so well , honestly he’s just fantastic!! He taught me all the skills I need to be a responsible driver and I hope he has the opportunity to teach you or your loved ones. Highly recommend 🙂

    thumb Briony Ryan

    5 star review  Zahir was a patient and kind instructor. I am so glad I was referred to him.

    thumb Malaak Seleem

    5 star review  I was super nervous to begin lessons, I’ve had my learner license for quite a few years and never got round to doing lessons. When I started driving lessons with Zahir, I immediately felt comfortable behind the wheel. He explained all the rules in a super easy to understand way and I was able to pass my practical driving test on the first go! I would definitely recommend Zahir to anyone looking to learn how to drive

    thumb Kataia Stephen

    5 star review  5 Stars! Safe to say one of the most quality driving schools in the Southern Hemisphere! If the key qualities you look for in a driving instructor include those of patience, enthusiasm and/or kindness, then Flawless Driving School is what you're looking for. Both supportive and informative, Zahir (founder & instructor) is very well rounded when it comes to everything driving. From road rules, to easy to follow driving tips that ensure you're always driving as safely as possible. As a long term student, I can confidently say that Zahir has maintained - far better than others - his consistent professional, but familiar attitude when it comes to teaching. A quality that I believe is needed in order to uphold a successful driving school.

    thumb Finn Marshall

    5 star review  Zahir is an experienced and patient driving instructor who tries his best to ensure all his students are successful in their driving tests. He is knowledgeable of the roads and all that driving has to offer. I have had a great experience with Flawless Driving School and would highly recommend to anyone.

    thumb Sophia Fasone

    5 star review  I was such a nervous person that I thought I wouldn’t get a licence. At 26 I decided it was time and after just a few lessons he had me confident in my ability and I passed my driving test first time!! Couldn’t have done it without him

    thumb Jesse Stone

    5 star review  When I applied for classes I was a more mature aged student who was nervous to get on the road and needed some confidence boosting as well as help refining some driving manoeuvres. Zahir is great for all of this, he's got good technical knowledge (especially on what to expect for your test and breaking down driving manoeuvres into easy steps) and he balances it with a calming attitude. Some of my lessons felt like driving with a friend somewhere. A few months of lessons and I was in a totally different headspace about driving and I am happy to say I passed my test recently. Would recommend!

    thumb Alice

    5 star review  Zahir is an excellent driving instructor! He is extremely patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. I passed my driving test with a perfect score - zero errors, thanks to Flawless Driving School. Would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to do some driving lessons. Thanks Zahir!

    thumb Breanna Iland

    5 star review  Zahir is everything you could ask for in an instructor! I would recommend him to anyone. He is patient, knowledgeable, and knows how to tailor each lesson to really help you improve. I struggled with some bad driving habits which he immediately picked up on and helped me fix all of them, teaching me to be a much safer and confident driver. I failed my test multiple times due to test anxiety and lessons with Zahir really helped me overcoming this. I always leave each lesson feeling much better about my driving. I finally passed my test today. The skills he taught me not only helped me pass, but also makes me a safe and perceptive driver on the road hereafter.

    thumb Theresa Q

    5 star review  Absolutely wonderful! I am a mature age student and I passed on my first try due to Zahir. I used several companies before I came to Zahir. He gave me confidence and helped me work on my weak points rather than just say I needed 7 lessons and buy this now. He was flexible with times and always calm and considerate. I would 100% recommend.

    thumb Kasey Ireland

    5 star review  I have recently completed my driving exam under the tutelage of Zahir. I can not recommend him enough, he is professional, personable, and great fun to drive with. I passed my exam first time, and credit this to his teaching.

    thumb Ash Bronca

    5 star review  Za is a great driving instructor. He is very friendly and clear in his instruction. I was returning to driving after a long break and his lessons went at a great pace, building up from quieter roads to more challenging driving as the lessons went on. Booking lessons was also very easy and he was always very prompt replying to text messages. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive for the first time or brushing up their skills.

    thumb Kate Derrick

    5 star review  Very professional, helped me all the way through my learning and is very easy to get along with. Very professional in his manner, I highly recommend to anyone who is trying to achieve their P plates. 5 stars.

    thumb WhyThe Turnips

    5 star review  Zahir is a fantastic driving instructor, very clear and calm. Highly recommend 🙂

    thumb Yassi Innis

    5 star review  Zahir was a very patient and encouraging instructor. He helped me become a more confident and safe driver. I highly recommend him to anyone who lacks confidence.

    thumb Marion Frank

    5 star review  Having quite bad anxiety led me to putting off learning to drive for over 10 years. Zahir put me completely at ease on our first meeting and had me driving with confidence. Always very clear with instruction and direction and progressed me at a pace that I felt comfortable with. I have now passed my P test on the first go and couldn’t be happier.

    thumb Brittany Quinn

    5 star review  After a couple failed attempts while learning on my own, I felt discouraged and anxious about taking another exam. But few consistent lessons with Zahir got me the experience and confidence to finally get through. He's exceeded being a professional instructor - he's become a friend who does not only teach you the necessary knowledge and skills, but also gives you the mental and emotional support during a rather stressful period. I don't think I would've done it without his help and supervision, couldn't ask for a better instructor.

    thumb Jeni Medrano

    5 star review  I originally only booked 1 lesson with Flawless as I wanted to see if I liked the instructor. After 1 lesson, I bought a full package of lessons. Zahir who runs Flawless is the most patient instructor. He is a very experience instructor who was able to provide good tips on how to navigate the road. What I really liked is that early on, he made sure I was driving around the assessment centre routes so I became familiar with the roads & streets I would be tested on. I passed my driving test first time. Absolute legend! Very calm and kind instructor. I highly recommend.

    thumb Shamus Jon

    5 star review  Zahir is the most patient and caring driving instructor out there. He is clear in his instructions and such an uplifting and calming presence to have in the car. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone!! Thanks Zahir.

    thumb Lily Evans

    5 star review  High recommend Zahir to any of my friends and family. Zahir is an awesome driving instructor. He taught my aunt and I and when it was time for us to get our open license, we passed. We loved the way he taught us how to drive and he is a really outgoing and lovely driving instructor 100% recommend Zahir as a driving instructor!

    thumb Shai Kawari

    5 star review  I started taking lessons from Zahir from day one and he was very encouraging and helpful on the road. I would definitely recommend for other students learning how to drive. 10/10

    thumb Hayley Potter

    5 star review  Thank you Zahir for being a part of such a big moment in our son’s life. You are a legend! From my first phone conversation with you, to Corey’s driving test you were amazing, calm, pragmatic & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Zahir to any parent who is looking for a fantastic driving instructor who has a genuine interest in teaching our children safe driving. Corey passed his test first go ... woohoo!

    thumb Shirlee Broughton